Why Mothers Should Sing Around the House More

I've never been a "singer". In our home, my husband is the singer. He's been singing all his life - boys' choir, head chorister, church music team, weddings etc. He has a beautiful voice. Me on the other hand? I have an okay voice and I'm pretty thankful I can sing in tune.

I do, however, enjoy singing. It soothes my soul and expresses feelings I often can't articulate to myself. But I sometimes feel inadequate because how I can sing is not how I want to sing. There is a lot of praise in me wanting to come out but my voice is not strong enough. (So, if you have the gift of a beautiful and powerful singing voice, bless the Lord!)

Yet, despite not being Adele, I sing a lot. As I'm doing housework, getting dinner ready, driving the car, gardening - I sing much of that time. Hymns, church songs, and favourite singers (like New Zealander, Brooke Fraser). Whatever comes to mind, I sing.

And today, by God's special grace, He's shown me an unexpected fruit of being a mother who sings around the home.

Little Hearts Sing

I must have been singing this hymn without realising it. And perhaps it's been sung in church recently before the kids head out to their little preschool programme. But today, all on his own, I suddenly heard Josiah singing the first few notes of "Crown Him With Many Crowns".

"Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon the throne; Hark! how the heavn'ly anthem drowns, all music but it's own! Awake, my soul, and sing; Of Him who died for thee; And hail Him as thy matchless King, throughout all eternity."

I was blown away. This boy listens and he takes in what he is hearing. What an amazing thing!

Of course, it's not as though I didn't know my kids listen. We often sing little songs together, and Rosalie is singing Tangled's "I See the Light" all the time. I'm always hoping to pass on a love of singing to them.

However, I don't think I have realised what a powerful tool singing is for a mother seeking to instill Gospel-truths into her little one's hearts. I didn't realise that as a mother sings songs of the Lord around the home - doing her tasks and playing with the children - she is organically and authentically passing on both her faith and her belief to the little hearts listening.

This is incredibly beautiful. And what a responsibility!

Authentic Faith

One song I love to sing is Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong, especially Lauren Daigle's cover. (I'm personally not a massive fan of Hillsong but every now and then they produce a beautiful song that I really love, like Oceans or Man of Sorrows.) It speaks to all that God has done for me when I have gone through deep pain and suffering, and the faithfulness He has shown to me, a broken sinner.

As I sing this song, I sing it with a genuine love and faith in my Father. And the children see that. They pick up on something in me that I might not be able to communicate in words. They see a light that is in me, a love for a God they know is real but cannot see. And I pray that it plants seeds of memories and faith in their own hearts, just like I have of my own mother singing The Father's Prayer at bedtime.

Authentic Truths

Above contemporary Christian songs, I delight and love hymns. The main reason is because of the depth and truth of the words within them, that I find more modern songs sometimes lack. Hymns communicate deep, spiritual truths that the everyday person often cannot come up with themselves. This is why hymns stand the test of time.

One of my favrourite hymns, Rock of Ages, lifts my soul to Heaven and articulates the Gospel in ways I pray my children hear and take into their little hearts. I pray that when they hear the words that there is "nothing in my hand I bring/simply to Thy cross I cling" they know that only Jesus can save. I pray they know that, given that our lives are short, we must think of "realms unknown" and that oneday we will "Bow before Thy judgement throne". And yet that, if we believe in Jesus, He will [as our] Rock of Ages, "cleft for me".

So, dear mothers, even if you aren't "singers" - sing anyway. Or quietly put on music that draws hearts to the Lord. Without even being aware of it, our dear children will absorb the truths and the faith we show. Slowly, over time, we can pray that God will hide those thoughts and memories and words in their hearts, bringing them to full fruit as they grow older.

So sing! Sing with all you heart.


  1. Oh, I love this so, so much Sarah!! Years ago, the Lord placed a desire upon my heart to learn to play the piano in order to be able to play the hymns that are so dear to me. During that time, I learned many hymns by heart and the Lord has used the words of His songs so deeply in my life, even now when I am not able to play the piano (we don't have one right now, but I'm hoping that we may get one soon! :-)) During our daily "quiet time" with my little Debbie and Elisha I try to include a hymn and they have caught on to the phrases of many of them--and so I know what you mean about them catching on! Truly, you are right, singing to and with our children is a gift from the Lord Jesus --and He is so gracious to open the hearts of His people to sing and to know Him more deeply through singing praise to Him.

    The Lord bless you and your family, Sarah! Sharing this on my blog FB page; I know that it will encourage people. <3

  2. Oh thank you for your beautiful comment, Rebekah. I had never thought of learning the piano in order to play hymns. What an idea! I'm going to think about that! Jesus is so gracious, and I pray and pray He opens the hearts of our little children. I pray words we sing will never leave them, even if they forget temporarily, that they would oneday remember and it be a powerful witness to their hearts. Bless you, dear friend! x

  3. Gentle Joy PhotographyJuly 31, 2017 at 4:18 PM

    So true! I found the same thing and was so blessed by what my children picked up as a result. :)

  4. This is a beautiful post, Sarah. I sing around the house too, especially Christian songs, and I hope it inspires and uplifts my children. Sharing this on FB and Twitter!

  5. A Whole-Hearted "AMEN!" I find myself bustling about and furrowing my brow and seeing the negatives around me. Keeping a song on my lips will chase all the negativity away and remind us all of the Joy of the Lord. Thank you for this post, I really needed to read this today.
    (stopping by from The Modest Mom blog hop!)

  6. Gentle Joy, thank you for your encouragement! It's so helpful knowing other mothers do the same.

  7. Thank you, Sarah, there seems to be many of us - something I didn't know! Thanks for sharing x

  8. Yes! Not only does it benefit our children, it helps us - what a great point, and so true. Thank you, Linda :)

  9. My mother always sang, we didn't have a T.V or radio so we grew up listening to mom singing. She has a beautiful voice. And he singing showed us that her heart was filled with praise to the Lord! We were very poor, and things were really bad at times, yet she always praised the Lord, she always sung while she washed the dishes. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. You children will take away more than just the word of the songs you sing. It is a gift you give them. Also you might like a book, "Then Sings My Soul" by Robert Morgan. Keep singing! I sing and I don't have a weak voice, it is still a glorious offering to the Lord!

  10. I'm not a talented singer as well. But I do tend to just sing around the house. For a period of time (probably more stress in my life) I was not singing and my husband mentioned that he noticed that. So I try to be more intentional with it again. It is freeing when I do so. And I've noticed my children mocking me and singing the songs that I sing around the house. Thanks for the encouragement!