What Children Do When They Don't Attend Preschool.

People often ask me what our days look like with both my children at home everyday. Some are curious, some are perplexed, some think we're just a bit weird (which is okay, really, since we are). Because most young children spend part of their weeks in childcare/preschool, I'm sure people must wonder how children who don't fare.

It's been well over fifteen-months since we pulled our son from preschool and I can't imagine life any differently now. It took a few months (after the initial Sigh-of-Relief period when everything was hunky dory) to adjust to having two little ones with me all the time, but now - like I said - this is normal, everyday life for us.

So what do our days look like and what do the kids get up to?

A Preschooler's Life at Home

We read. A lot. My 4-year-old now sits through some chapter books with me.

We go on outings.

We take a moment to explore new weather experiences.

We garden. And make nests.

We do lots of walks.

We climb hills.

We get messy.

We discover God's world.

We learn letters.

And we learn new skills.

We do many, many other things. We play together. We bake. We build with Lego. We make huts. We play Play-Doh. We ride bikes. We jump on the trampoline. We have playdates. We go grocery shopping. We go on errands. We go to gymnastics. We go to church.

I do not believe our children miss out on anything. They have a wonderful life at home where we are all learning how to be a family. How to laugh at our weaknesses. How to say sorry when we hurt each other. How to work as part of a family around the home. How to build each other up. How to know we are loved even at our worse.

It definitely isn't easy. There are fights and bad days and grumpy moods and times for discipline (as much for me as the kids!). This mama is often praying for the Lord to help her know what on earth to do about either - or both! - of the children.

I think this is the greatest blessing of homeschooling: because we are together most of the time, we are doing real life together as real people. And I think that is one of the best things parents can pass on to their children: teaching them how to relate to one another in a way that is real, messy, familiar, and safe. As the years go on, the roots will deepen so the fruit of this living-together will be born when they are older and relating as adults.


  1. This is so sweet! I love it! What a beautiful blessing it is to watch your children grow and to grow alongside them. <3

  2. Thank you, Veronica! It was a light-hearted post I thought I'd put out there :)

  3. We do a lot of these things too and participate in our local homeschool group, here in SE QLD. I have a 4 and 1 year old and they are so busy. We bought our four year old a desk for her birthday as she is so crafty we couldn't eat at our kitchen table. The making never stops. She does go to a home day care one day a week, as she was going last year and begged every day until I could get her in again.

  4. I loved this post! It is so beautiful and precious to see your kids learning at home as you pour out your strength through the Lord into teaching them. You are an encouragement to me. <3

  5. Rebekah, you are so lovely. I enjoyed your latest update, what a blessing to live where you are. Your children are blessed to live in such a place, away from the crazy of city life. I pray your barn can be turned into a haven for those who need it - just like L'Abri the Schaeffer's provided in the Alps.

  6. That is so sweet! She must be thriving in such a place that she loves to go to! Thank you for coming by! x