Friday, September 8, 2017

The Organized Life Planner for 2018 is OUT!

As an affiliate for Kayse Pratt at, I must make you aware of her Organized Life Planner. This week is Launch Week for her 2018 version (7th to 18th September) and there are so many added bonuses that I can't not share them with you.

What Is It?

Kayse is a self-admitting planner junkie and for a number of years was famous for her Planner Round-Up's. But then, oneday, she decided to create her own planner with ALL THE THINGS she has loved in the other planners she has used over the years. This means that her Organized Life Planner is robust and catered to the busy, hard-working, need-to-stream-line-her-mummy-brain woman of today.

From Self-Care and Home pages to Daily Layouts, from Monthly pages to Meal Plans - there are so many pages for you to organise your life. Kayse has been thorough and careful to make the layouts and details beautiful and streamlined. I love it.

The Details

This year, there are two printable planner options:


    • Comes in Full, and Mid Sizes - BOTH sizes are included with purchase!

    • Dated January 2018-December 2018

    • Sells for $20


    • Comes in Full, Mid, AND Half Sizes - ALL sizes are included with purchase!

    • Undated, so can be started any time.

    • Sells for $17

Not only are there two types of dated/undated planners, this year you can also purchase the DIGITAL version or the PAPER version.


  • the convenience of being cheaper,

  • on hand in your computer,

  • print at any time at your so desired wishes,

  • can be bound at an office supply store


  • all the set-up is by yourself

  • on-going price for printing and binding


  • the convenience of it all set-up and printed

  • no need to sort it all out yourself

  • a gorgeous package in the mail


  • more expensive

  • less customisable

It's really up to YOU what suits you and what will benefit YOUR life and YOUR family. For me, I bought Kayse's Organized Life Planner last year as a digital download. I have loved the comprehensiveness of it. But I do enjoy that I don't have to print all the pages that I don't need for our family life. This is why the DIGITAL version suits me.

Here's A Detailed Look Through the Sections

Isn't it wonderful? Even though, as an affiliate, I receive a commission if any of my readers purchase the Organized Life Planner - that's not why I am sharing this. I really, really believe that this is one of the BEST planners out there and that Kayse has put her heart and soul into creating it. I know it will bless your family AND you will be supporting Kayse's family by purchasing from her. She is a wonderful wife and mother doing her best to support her husband. For those reasons alone, I would buy it. But, there's more.

Launch Week Bonuses

From the 7th to 18th September, when you purchase the Organized Life Planner you will receive:

  • Planner Bootcamp: a 3-part video series on how to use your planner and organise every aspect of your life (VALUE: $20)

  • The What's For Dinner Family Meal Planning Notebook: A brand new resource for mother's who want to make meal planning a priority. Includes all the printables you need to create a Family Meal Planning Notebook (VALUE: $20). This is ONLY with the purchased planner.

  • All 5 new Planner Covers (VALUE: $10)

  • September 2017-December 2017 Bonus Pack - so you can start using your planner immediately (VALUE: $10)

  • Access to the Organized Life Planner Group on Facebook - for planner tips and friends << I'm on this group and I love it! <<

Honestly, all this is just incredible. The planner alone is worth what you pay, but to get all these extra supports to help you get organised makes it so much sweeter.


Lastly, when you purchase your Organized Life Planner you can also UPGRADE by purchasing a BUNDLE. Kayse has lots of other planner printables in her shop and you can add any of these to your purchase.

You can choose from the Home Binder Pack for $10 on top of your Planner Purchase : -

or, you can choose any of her Printable Packs for $5 each : -

Honestly, there is so much to choose from! You cannot lose for the money you invest!

So, head over to Kayse's Shop and have a look around. Invest in yourself - and therefore, your family - and buy her Organized Life Planner, plus the FREE Bonuses, and any of the other options for you to choose from. You will be blessed!

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