Monday, October 16, 2017

How Not to Grow Weary in Motherhood

"Let us not grow weary in doing good." ~ Galations 6:9
When the kids are particularly difficult - squabbles, bickering, tears, being argumentative, whining - I so easily grow weary in this task. I feel down. Frustrated. And often guilty for when I have failed and have lost my patience with them.

Often, at the end of such a day, I have feelings of wanting to give up because dealing with character issues every five seconds is hard. So hard. I can absolutely see why some parents do, in some respects, give up. There are much easier ways to parent, or really, non-parent children today. Character in children, in such cases, doesn't matter as much.

But character in our kids is a big deal. A huge deal. In fact, more than any other facet of our parenting lives, training our children in character is the most important thing we do each day with them. And when we officially start homeschooling, how their work instructs their character will influence much of what we read, learn, and do.

We want them to trust Jesus and have a real relationship with Him. We want them to be respectful, caring, honouring, empathetic, smart, loving, compassionate. I want them to be truthful - to seek the Truth, and have it work in them. I want them to eternally smart: to see our culture as it really is and weigh it up to what True Reality is like. I want them to have interests and passions, given to God, used to bless others. I want them to prize and cherish family life - their parents and sibling. 

And all this, I know, is done 
"...line upon line, precept upon precept." ~ Isaiah 28:13
This description of parenting stood out to me in Elisabeth Elliot's The Shaping of a Christian Family, a memoir of her own uprbinging. She also used it in her video, A Peaceful Home 1.

Basically, parenting these souls is hard, hard work. And it's done little by little. Day in and day out, moment by moment. This is why is it so wearying. And why it's easy to want to give up. 

But God says, "No". We aren't to give up. We are to press on, in His strength and with His vision set before us. Squabble by squabble, tear upon tear. And, God-willing, one day we can look on our children and see the fruit of all this quiet - and not so quiet - labour and the impact it has had on their hearts and lives. So don't grow weary.

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