Monday, October 23, 2017

On Rising Early

My husband's alarm went off just after 5 am. Normally I would either not hear it because I am dead asleep, or I rise out of slumber momentarily only to conk out again. Our kids will be up between 6-6.30am. Tim is off to work around then. I normally don't get up until 7am.

That's been our schedule this year. Before that, when the kidlets were babies, I was up no matter what. I remember Josiah was normally up between 5.30 and 6am, even if he'd been awake a billion times over night. This year has been wonderful. I have caught up on all the sleep I lost.

And getting up at 7am is good. I can get a little lie in. The kids come in once Daddy's gone and we have a nice snuggle (a jabby sort of cuddle, anyway). I feel fairly well-rested. Ready to tackle the day. But for one thing.

Time with the Lord.

The last four years has seen me grasping for time with Him whenever I could and whenever I felt like it, much of the time I didn't. It's been easier this year - the kids just play (loudly) while I have my quiet time. But, as it is, it isn't so quiet. Not that having a quiet space is necessary, but it is lovely. And I love lovely.

It's been a dry time. I know God has been with me and He has fed me more than what I have put in or deserve. He is so good like that. But I'm done with pecking in a desert. I want rich feasting, watered down deep. I'm so ready for that.

In four months, Josiah will be five and we plan to begin "official" homeschooling. Not only do I want to be well-fed for that momentous task, I also want routines already in place. And we have had loose routines these last few years. And this year I have worked hard on having a Bible time with the kids most breakfast mornings. I really want to incorporate a Morning Basket in our homeschool.

So I'm just ready to get up. Even though the kids are early risers and some mornings I may not be by myself at all (like this morning), I'm still wanting to discipline myself to spend that time with God in the morning. It changes everything. Though He is the same toward me whether I have one or not, an intentional, quiet devotional time of Word and prayer changes me.

"Awake my soul, and with the sun; Thy daily stage of duty run: Shake off dull sloth and joyful rise, to pay Thy morning sacrifice." ~ Henry Twells, At Even, When the Sun was Set
And there is nothing like the early dawn. Of birds waking the day and the first reaches of morning light. Before the patter or thump of little ruffled-haired children, a cup of tea and the Word is just so life-giving and soul-edifying. 

So, I want to encourage you. If you have felt the nudges of the Spirit in getting up with the rising of the day to spend time with God, make the first steps to do so. It will bless you so much. But, if you're still in the throes of night-wakings and baby-everything, just press into the Lord whenever you can. He will graciously meet you wherever you are and He is so gentle with those that have young (Isaiah 40:11).

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