Monday, November 13, 2017

Our Morning Time Routine (Pre-K and Preschool)

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This year, especially the second half, I have slowly been working on morning routines that work for our family. With Josiah officially beginning homeschooling in three-ish months (YAY!), I have been molding our mornings step-by-step, week-by-week so that we're already in a groove once that exciting day comes.

Of course, being a modern mother, I Pinterested a billion blogs to see what kind of routines other homeschooling mother's had. I got lots of inspiration and I love seeing how people live (I must be a nosey neighbour) - but at the end of the day, a massive reason to homeschool is to do life our way... I have two unique children and our family culture is unique. It's been a slow process, with days of laziness and activity.... But I *think* I'm getting there.

Aside from the kind of things we do at different times, a big part of my intentionality was to incorporate Morning Basket time. What would that look like for us? What books would we use or not? Would we sing? etc. So there are two parts to this post: our routine and our morning basket.

*Remember this is currently, with a 4.5 year old and a 3 year old. Next year, once school is "official", we will be doing a little bit more and I plan to incorporate more of Charlotte Mason's ideas for our school days.

Morning Routine

5.45am: Tim gets up for work and the kids often get up around the same time (or as late as 6.20ish)

6.30am: Tim heads off to work and I get up. 

6.40am: I put breakfast on for the kids while I sit down to do my quiet time at the table with them.

7.15am: The kids have some TV while I check emails etc.

8am: The kids start playing while I begin the house tidy up - make my bed, get dressed (or have a shower if it is a shower day!), clean kitchen bench etc.

8.40am: I start to get the kids working towards our morning time routine. They have their chores which are: open curtains, make beds, get dressed (I help Rosie), feed the dog, and empty the dishwasher.

9am: We sit down for Morning Basket time. We read a Bible story (often more, maybe three), a character book, a poem, and then we pray. The kids seem to really love this. We sit on the couch together and they are calm, quiet, and absorbed.

9.25am: We sit down for Reading Eggs time. We invested in this for Josiah next year, but I found that he was needing something intellectually stimulating. He loves it. Rosie is doing the Junior Eggs, while Josiah is doing the actual Reading Program one. He's learnt how to read "am" and "at" in only two weeks. We are thrilled with the programme, so worth the money!

At this point, I also either do handwriting practice or a hands on activity that links in with what his lesson has been. Like the icecream phonic pictured (click the link to the site).

10am: It's morning tea time! And Mummy cup-of-tea time 😉 This is when I begin my Mother Culture for the day (reading, blogging, printable designing etc)

10.30am: Depending on the day, we might go for a walk or go to a friend's house. Or, if we're staying home, it'll be play/housework/gardening time. This goes until lunchtime, about 12-12.30pm.

Morning Basket

After trial and error, our current Morning Basket contains:

Character Books: We just went through Elizabeth George's God's Wisdom for Little Girls/Boys (a little poem a day based on a proverb). Now we will read one little story a day either from our Little Golden Book collection, some Rod & Staff readers, or a Berenstein Bear book (I want to get more of them). I'm finding that the kids are picking up the moral meanings a lot more now they are a little older, and that they connect what they read to instances in our life. It's wonderful!

Beatrix Potter's Nursery Rhyme Book - just a poem/rhyme a day.

Prayer - we quickly pray for our day.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing what our morning routine looks like. I always enjoy reading other family's sneak-peaks, so I hope that this has helped you or encouraged you or inspired you. And if you, like me, have been slowly struggling to find your own routines with your family, let me encourage you - keep persevering! What is natural? What needs discipline? What anchors your children around you? What makes you feel, "Yes. This is right." 

Like I said, it takes work. The beginning of our week look tidier than the end of our week. Some days I can't be bothered and other days my mother instinct knows we need to get out of the house right now or the kids need me just to read books or play. But, overall, this is what our morning looks like most of the week.


  1. What a lovely morning basket! We, too, use a morning basket but it is more catered to the older girls. I love your selection of books and need to remember to include such ones for my little girls. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you! Oh, I love your blog (I link to it on the side). So I feel honoured you coming by here. I am so thankful that we've found what fits us at the moment, it's like a wee morning puzzle :)