Thursday, January 4, 2018

Food For Thought #3

The first one, from Kari Patterson, is about how we naturally take the path that requires the least resistance. But, in doing so, we forget that the way to true life is by the narrow road - and it is a road that requires work and hardship. This was so good, friends.

And another from Mystie (because she is that good!) about how we, as mothers, just cannot let ourselves go. And not just our bodies, but our minds, too. I'm so passionate about this!

And a blogger, Cassandra, who I have loved for so long and who really introduced my heart to homeschooling and Charlotte Mason, now only guest posts (which made me so sad, but I am so happy I can still find her thoughts online) wrote about the beautiful and necessary like in the ordinary. It was perfect.


Hope these are hopeful, encouraging reads over your weekend. 

Next week I will be writing about how when we fail as mothers the best thing we can do is say sorry to our kids. I'll be writing from experience!!!

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