A Gentle Homemaking Routine + Free Printable

Not For A Pinterest-Perfect Home!

Before I begin, I need to promise you something: this routine is not for super A-type women who are already excellent at keeping their homes well-ordered and tidy. I am not naturally that kind of person!

As much as I would like to be that person, I am slowly accepting that I will always be a struggling housewife. I am always working on making myself better and I love caring for my family! But I was never endowed with a genuine drive for organisation and cleaning.

So, this homemaking is what the title declares it to be: gentle.

What Is My Gentle Homemaking Routine?

Basically, it is this: each day of the week is allocated to a room of the house. For example, in my small house, the rooms to each day are:

  • Monday: Bedrooms
  • Tuesday: Living Room/Hallway
  • Wednesday: Kitchen
  • Thursday: Bathroom/Laundry
  • Friday: Weekend Prep 
We have three smaller bedrooms, one living room area, and a small joint kitchen/eating area. No ensuites etc, just the main bathroom. So this routine works really well for a smaller house - or if you have lots of helpers! πŸ˜‰

On some days, I do the same thing every single week. For example, I always clean the entire bathroom and mop the floors in both the bathroom and laundry on a Thursday. That never changes. I also vacuum the rooms of day every single time. And I dust in the living room/eating area every Tuesday.

This way, I *generally* have a vacummed and dusted home. Though, with my always-malting-hair and two preschoolers and a hairy dog - our house, especially the living room, gets vacuumed most days in some place. Usually where there are lots of crumbs or clumps of our dog's tufting fur.

What Makes This Routine Awesome

When I say that this is gentle, what I mean is, it is flexible. Though I choose to do certain things every week, I don't clean the entire room from top to bottom every week. Rather, each week, I add an "extra" to my usual chore.

Let's take the living room, for example.

Each week I dust and vacuum the carpet. But, I may also do one extra thing like, say, vacuuming between the hard to reach places between the couch cushions (I mention that because I went searching in them yesterday for something and could not believe the sand/dirt/crumbs etc living there - that is my "extra" today!). Or, I may wash the windows. Or, I might vacuum  cobwebs and wipe down the walls.

I Love This Way of Doing Things for Two Reasons

First, it really suits me. I know I am working hard to care for our home - at my level and ability. This pushes me because normally, I plod and do things when I "feel" like it. So the big jobs - like windows and deep-seated dust/dirt - get worse until the job is bigger than it should be. I know that, say, while putting groceries in the fridge I see how horrendously filthy the freezer has become, I can clean it next week since my goal this week is to wipe down the cupboards.

Second, stuff gets done. Slowly, gently, but faithfully. I will never get on top of it all so that our home could be a show home. We live here, I'm homeschooling, life happens here since we're here most of the time. This is why if you want that super clean and organised home you may need a different routine. But if you want to work hard at your home and yet, not get stressed and burnt out - this may work for you.

Need a visual helper? Download this printable and customise it to your needs!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and helpful reminders! Goals and planning, even if simple, help keep a home in order for sure. Visiting from Mommy Moments!

  2. I love this! Thank you for sharing and I am going to print the printable! :-)

    1. Yay! I pray it blesses your family, friend! x