Monday, February 19, 2018

Celebrating 10 Years (My Favourite Books For Wives)

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In the last few weeks, my darling husband and I celebrated ten years of marriage. A decade! It feels amazing and certainly feels like an accomplishment. I am so grateful to God for all that He has done for us, in us, and through us - in all honesty, we would not be here today without Him. His mercy, grace, sovereignty, and the saving truth of the Gospel are why our marriage exists - and why it is stronger than ever!

I certainly have grown a lot as a wife in the last ten years. I've gone through some deep learning curves for myself as a wife to Tim and as a wife for him. God's Word is the primary source for the change in me - it is really all we need for this life. Yet, through the gifting of people, many books have blessed me as I have sought to grow in our marriage. 

As a way to celebrate our 10 years, here are my favourite ten books for Christian wives (in no particular order).

Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot

This may have been the most transforming book I have ever read. Soft, eloquent, intelligent, enlightening - Elisabeth brings the reader closer to the heart of God for women than anything else I have read. Written in short chapters as a letter to her daughter, Valerie, on the eve of her marriage. So beautiful and wonderful, theologically rich.

When Sinners Say I Do by Dave Harvey

I always say that this book saved our marriage. Three years in we were on the brink of collapse. I read this book with nothing to lose, and it changed me - deeply. "There are no 'marriage' problems, only sin problems." Dave Harvey challenges the reader to look to themselves before they blame or accuse their spouse, no matter the issue (and even if the spouse is in the wrong). This put the Cross centre in my heart for my husband and myself.

My wonderful mother-in-law credits this book to helping her understand the biblical theology surrounding marriage, especially submission. It did the same for me and also helped me understand more of the curse of Eve we all have in us as women. If you want to go deeper into the Word and understand it more to change your life, I so recommend this.

Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss (Wolgemoth)

This book is great for unraveling the lies girls grow up with in their hearts that they believes are truth. Nancy shoots each lie down with Gospel truth, stories, and encouragement. Issues range from beauty, submission, to raising children. Very easy to read and great to give to uncertain women (as it isn't too heavy).

Creative Counterpart by Linda Dillow

Linda is a long-time wife and has learned the different ways to love a man well. As a ministry wife and mother, Linda knows how to manage caring for a husband, raise children, and deal with living in a fish-bowl for a life. I really learned about setting boundaries for family life through her.

Though not a marriage book, this book has been vital for me as a wife. Every single person will go through suffering and trials, and a marriage is no different. Sometimes in a marriage, conflict and walls can be so big that only God knows, understands, and listens. Trusting Him when a marriage is difficult and painful is so necessary, so I include this book because it is foundational for a wife and her trust in His sovereignty in her life and her husband's life.

Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney

This was one of the first books I ever read as a young twenty-one-year-old wife. Carolyn uses the older woman teaching of Titus 2 as the framework for her book, and she goes through each part to encourage and challenge. Her blog, Girl Talk, with her daughters were very key for me in the early years.

Radical Womanhood by Carolyn Maculley

If you are wanting to know more about how feminism began and how it has changed marriage and the home, this book is excellent. A girl growing up in the boom of early feminism (and was a feminist herself), Carolyn authentically bares open the lies our culture has believed and how that has impacted every day women who want to be wives and mothers. 

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

This is the most comprehensive book for Christian wives. It is drenched in Scripture and goes through the Bible's expectations for a wife, including her own personal walk with the Lord and what a wife should do when her husband fails her. Martha came from a non-Christian background, workaholic, and very anxious so the testimony she has of a transformed heart is amazing.

Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes

This is a companion to her husband's book for men (and they have both written one by the same titles for families) and addresses every aspect of a woman's life, from her walk with God, her singleness, her marriage, her motherhood, and her home. This is my favourite all-encompassing book for wives and is more rounded, as well as deeper, than Feminine Appeal and Creative Counterpart (though they stand strong on their own, anyway).


So there you have it. All these books have challenged me, encouraged me, changed me, brought me closer to the Lord, softened and deepened my heart for my husband, nurtured my desire for being an excellent woman, and for equipping me with intelligent cultural understanding and biblical knowledge for a wife in today's world.

If you read any of these books because of this post, I pray the Lord uses them in your life as much as He has in my own life!


  1. Visiting you from Living Life Well link up. These all look great. I have read a few and enjoyed them very much. Thank you for sharing this list. We always need encouragement in our relationships and our walk with the Lord!

    1. Thank you, so glad it was helpful and that you may have found a few more good reads :D

  2. Thank you for this wonderful list! My husband and I were married 10 years in October. It has been amazing and rough! There is such a learning curve to making a marriage work! A book that really changed my perspective on what my husband needed from me was Capture His Heart by Lysa Terkeurst. It is so wonderful that God gives people the talent to write books that can change and inspire us! :)

    Thanks for linking up at #LiveLifeWell



    1. I haven't heard of that one, I must look it up. Thank you for the suggestion, I love finding new books!