Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Work of a Mother's Heart: Why We Don't Have to Wait Decades to See Fruit

 All quotes from The Autobiography of George Muller (affiliate link)

"It appears to me that believer's generally have expected far too little present fruit from their labors among children. They hope that the Lord will some day confirm their instruction and answer the prayers which they offer up on the children's behalf." 

That has been me. I don't know where the thought process came from but, somewhere from the beginning of motherhood, I have had the impression that the fruit of a mother's hands can only be evident after many years. And my experience feels this to be true, as well. The days are long (as the saying goes)...

Yet, when I read these words from George Muller - the man who cared for thousands of orphans in the 19th Century purely by the provision of the Lord - my heart was struck. It never occurred to me that any lack of fruit I might see in my children may be because my expectation for their soul's was too little. (By the fruit of her hand's, I mean the work a mother does to lead her children to a blossoming knowledge and relationship with God.) 

When I examined my heart, I saw that yes, my expectations are too small. Primarily, those hopes I have for my children are for the distant future and not for the present time. My heart is set on "some day" and so my prayer's for them have been based on that belief.

"The Bible assures us that in everything we do for the Lord, including bringing up children in the fear of the Lord, our labor is not in vain. We have to guard against thinking that it does not matter whether we see present fruit or not."

Perhaps it is a tool of Satan, getting Christian mothers to believe all the days of hard work - correcting, guiding, disciplining, admonishing, and exhorting - is in vain for the present time. How easy it is to discourage and dishearten a mother! Just whisper to her tired heart to not to bother...that all these labour's for her child's soul doesn't matter...that the current behaviour of the child will be this way for many years to come... 

I have so been that downtrodden mother. My prayers, my heart, my work seems to fall upon empty, childish ears. The behaviour that we have been working on is still being displayed! Where have I gone wrong? What is the use?

But friends, we cannot let the Enemy win us with falsehood and distraction. These kind of thoughts do not come from the Word. God is hope - always! As George Muller says, we need to guard against this kind of thinking. We must take those kind of thought captive and nail them to the Cross. The condition of our children's souls depends on our victory in this battle.

"On the contrary, we should give the Lord no rest until we see fruit. Therefore, in persevering yet submissive prayer, we should make our requests known to God."

How daring and courageous a Christian mother must be for her children. She must storm the very throne-room of God with prayers and requests for their hearts and souls. And, as George Muller believes, she musn't stop until she sees fruit in their life. 

She must not do this arrogantly or in a demanding way. Rather, she is to be "persevering yet submissive"; that is, "Please, Lord, if it be Your will, bring my son into salvation..." or "Please, Lord, help my daughter to see that lying is wrong, convict her heart, if it is your will..."

Let us be courageous and not give up. Let us not wait for an unseen future for the fruit of our many labour's. Instead, let us battle in prayer for our children and believe that God will answer our prayers for our children, according to His will. We know He will answer because, ultimately, they are His children more than they will ever be ours.


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    1. Thank you, JD - I was so challenged by George Muller's life and his trust in a living God.

  2. Thank you for this post. I believe that I may also look at things this way at times. But you are so very right. Even now we can see the fruit. And prayer is our greatest weapon!

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    1. Prayer is our greatest weapon! Yes! :D

  3. These quotes are so powerful! This hits home in both a convicting way and also an encouraging one. I tend to grow impatient with not seeing the fruit quickly or consistently enough in leading my children. Sometimes I think I need more of a "long haul" mindset. So, this challenges me in a few different ways. What's the balance? Perhaps, for me, more fervent prayer with expectation that God is working right then. Now when they're older but now. My oldest is only 6, but when I'm intentional about looking, I can see lots of fruit from our leading and training.

    1. I think especially in the day-to-day, motherhood is very present and now, it is hard to keep a long haul mindset. But we need both, don't we? Fruit now, and fruit later.