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I'm so sorry the blog has been so quiet of late. (Though I have made a few vlogs, which has been fun. But I am definitely a blogger at heart! 💗) I never want to force myself to write because it is something I have to do to keep my "audience". From the very start, I wanted to have readers who wanted to be here - not because my blog was some sort of media machine, but because God was using me to encourage and relate to. I love my readers - y'all are so faithful and kind. Thanks for putting up with my sporadic absences!

So I thought for this post, just to get back into the swing of things, I would just chat about things that have been happening in our life recently. Maybe grab a cuppa? (By the way, I now drink coffee most mornings! I know! 😮)

I Hate to Say It, But...

We are just so busy at the moment. I know, it's the last thing I want for our family - especially for the children and myself. Tim is often busy because of work (which is unavoidable), but I have always tried to cultivate a simple, quiet lifestyle for the children and I. 

Some of the reasons we are busy are genuine, and for others, I haven't been disciplined enough over our schedule. It is very easy to say 'yes' - the offer may be fun, or educational, or just a good time out. But I find that the more I say 'yes' the faster and more chaotic life gets. So I am really going to have to rein in our weeks an say 'no' more, even though it is hard and I hate disappointing people.

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New Priorities

Another reason that we have been busier - and why I need to be more disciplined in our schedule - is because we are now homeschooling Josiah. He is a big five-year-old and is absolutely ready (and thriving) on our daily lessons. 

We are still finding our feet and, if you watched this vlog, you know that I sometimes find it hard not being 100% sure of what we're doing and where we going. I am really having to pray most days about our homeschool, asking God to guide us and make His will for us clear.

Certainly since I made the vlog, I feel more certain about different things. God reminded me that we're homeschooling for our own family, and we are to do things that work for us at whichever season of life we are in. (For those interested, I still just love and lean into Charlotte Mason!)

I loved this short and encouraging e-book by Karen DeBeus:

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We Might Be Going to England - For a Year...

We are so close to being sure we are heading to England for a year this August. My husband has applied and been accepted into the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), we just need to find out if he is also accepted into the Certificate of Theology at Oxford University (!). Tim needs to do both to complete the year for OCCA.

This is very exciting and also slightly nerve-wracking. If we are to go (hopefully we will find out this month) we have to apply for visas, passports, raise the money required (courses, flights, living), and get our own home sorted. In less than four months! Yikes! But we believe that God is leading us in this direction and trust Him to provide and lead the way if it is His will. When we know if we are going or not, I will share more about our hopes and plans for the year ahead. 

If you want to see our day-to-day life, come over to Instagram where I post as much as possible.

So, that's life lately. How are you? What have you been up to this Autumn/Spring?

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