Rainy Days, Mess & Togetherness: Trials & Joys of Motherhood

An Autumn storm has swept the country, bringing us indoors after many months of very beautiful weather. Mothers with children at home will find it hard corralling all the busy little people indoors. I'm sure there will be forts and tents and messes made throughout many a New Zealand home today.

As for us, we braved the hailing rain and wind to go to the library. We missed our last weekly trip on Friday, so I thought today was as good as any. Twenty-something books later, we arrived home and hunkered down. Slippers, hot water bottles, steaming cups of Milo. And lots to read and Lego to play with.

It is tempting today, a 'school day', to do our normal morning routine: Morning Basket and then Table Work. Only an hour or less, but focused learning all the same. But the beautiful and wonderfully freeing reality of homeschooling is that learning happens all the time and some days that kind of learning will look different.

How did 'school' look like today?

Today we watched hail slam the ground and the kids gathered handfuls up and ate it. We read books like Willy's Stories by Anthony Browne, learning that books are gateways to new worlds. We listened to Viking Tails on a CD, so now there are dozens of Viking tools lying about made by Lego. Colouring was done at the kitchen table. 

And the very best thing about it all, and something that can't really be recorded in a planner to tick-off or be identified as part of curriculum, is this: we did it all together.

Togetherness is the very best part of home educating one's children. It is the hardest part of it all and I feel it most days. But the very best things in life - those that give us the most joy and push us deeper into companionship with our Heavenly Father - are the hard things.

I'm not sure about you but I, certainly, rebel against hard things. When the kids squabble or come down sick or I'm having to correct a behaviour for the eleventh time in the day - I allow myself to get down so easily. So when I talk about our day today and it sounds wonderful - it is wonderful! But, it is also hard, and I am fighting for the rest Jesus promises continually, for His peace and His patience. It is a moment-by-moment, all day battle.

What always keeps me focused on the path the Lord has so kindly put us on is this:
"Thus says the LORD: 'Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.'" Jeremiah 6:16

Our world today has forgotten this truth and always want to take the easy way out. I, in my own fleshly nature, want to always take the easy way out (like, yelling instead of talking calmly in my frustration). But as Christians we need to seek the Lord's ways, the ancient paths, for both our daily life's purpose and the hidden heart that God seeks to mold above all else. 

Those paths are often rocky, perilous, but well-trodden by saints before us. They are trustworthy paths and He is always with us... On easy, carefree days with the growing gang and on the harder, more trying days.

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