Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wives and Mothers: We Are Part of the Kingdom Battle

Feeling Out of the Battle

There is a great war going on for souls right now. We would be blind not to see that it is so. So many are lost, in pain, and often in complete rejection of God and His love for them in Jesus. A vast amount of our leaders and preachers are under great attack and pressure and, being women with hearts that want to be helpers, we want to do something - anything - to support them. And many of these men are our husbands, brothers, fathers, or even, sons.

Like a scene out of Narnia, there are Christians in our world fighting the good fight on all sorts of platforms - and it feels like we are doing nothing. The eternal battle is "out there" and we're, well, here. In our homes.

It can feel like, as we go about our day-to-day, we are pretty useless in this whole end-of-times battle going on. It feels like folding laundry, correcting a child's attitude and behaviour, or planning another week's worth of meals has nothing to do with all that is going on. We feel like we're secluded, have it easy, or that we have no real use for God at all.

Friends, can I encourage you that this is trick from the enemy that is as old as time? 

Don't Be Tricked!

How easily Satan can distract us, turn our feet away from home, working doubtful thoughts into our hearts. Look at our mother, Eve. It took one question from Satan ("Did God really say...?") to tempt her off the path of life that God had put her on.

When we take our eyes off the path set before us to see what other people are doing for the Lord, it is incredibly easy to become discontent with our lot. We start to seek ways we can be of help outside our own mission field of family life. Or, we simply become distracted from the vision God has given us for our life as a wife and mother, which begins our downward spiral of finding no joy in our daily life.

Can I suggest that the very best thing a wife and mother can do - the most vital thing for future generations - is to love her husband and love her children?

Mother Theresa once said,

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."

This woman changed the lives of thousands and impacted the world around her profoundly. Yet, she knew the most important part of being the change in this world is the family. And, at the centre of the family, is the wife and mother: loving, supporting, serving, caring, upholding, urging, edifying, giving endlessly and endlessly.

A Legacy of Feminine History Makers

Jonathan Edwards, the leader of the Great Awakening, said about his wife, Sarah,

"...Give my kindest love to my dear wife, and tell her, that the uncommon union, which has so long subsisted between us, has been of such a nature, as I trust is spiritual, and therefore will continue forever..."

The saying that behind every great man is a great woman cannot be untrue: it is deeply and historically true. Whether our husband is a minister, a book keeper, a teacher, a store manager - it is our battle to fight to remain firm behind him, uplifting him in prayer, tenderly caring for his needs, and enjoying his company. 

Abraham Lincoln, he who freed lives from bondage, also said about his mother,

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

As a mother, our battle is to win our children's hearts for the Lord. The future of the Kingdom depend, through His soveriegnty, in their hands. It is to be everything we work towards, precept by precept, line upon line. More than education, behaviour, friendships, future jobs - we are pivitol to our children knowing Jesus as the Saviour of their souls.

So, let us not be swayed, nor discouraged, nor beaten from our path. Do not allow ourselves to be made to think that what we do is trivial. Every day we serve our families we win back good on this earth. 

Other people may be called to do good works "out there", but here we are deeply entrenched in this battle for good over evil, right in our very own homes. Let us not forget that, but forge onward. 

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