My Book

So, I wrote a book. It's a very small book (about thirty pages). But it is a book all the same.

And it absolutely encapsulates my heart for God's vision of mothering.

Wholehearted Motherhood

What is wholehearted motherhood? Basically (without giving the it all away), wholehearted motherhood is embracing the life of service, femininity, and joy that God requires a mother. It means accepting, submitting, and taking on the life of Christ - through His strength and power. And it means a life that looks very different from our world today.

A Little Bit of Me

God laid this vision on my heart many years ago as a young teenager from a broken home and the product of third-wave feminism. In writing this book, I had to touch on parts of my life that really hurt - from the sin of others and the sin I lived. 

But God.

Not only is this book about godly motherhood, it is also part of God's redemption story in my life. These words wouldn't exist if the pages of my life hadn't been written. And I am so thankful.

Other's Thoughts

"You have such a gift for writing, and as always, I was truly inspired and encouraged by your work. What a blessing it will be unto others!" ~ Veronica, The Wholehearted Homeschooler

"Excellent." ~ A husband and father

"I love how it is theologically rich, and you bring these powerful truths out succinctly and in a way that is simple to understand." ~ Rachel, The Purposeful Wife

Head to Amazon to buy now for $4.99US!

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  1. Congratulations! May God use your new book in a powerful way!

    1. Donna, thank you! I really pray so too!

  2. Hi Sarah! I'd love to review your book. Sending you a message now!

    1. Yay! Thank you so much, I feel so honoured! Email has been sent :D x

  3. Thank you so much for linking up with us at Live Life Well! This book looks amazing. I would love to do a review for you! I will send you a message! :)



  4. Congratulations on creating a book! 30 pages counts for sure! It's awesome. I love your heart here - "motherhood is embracing the life of service, femininity, and joy that God requires a mother."

  5. I just bought your book, can't wait to read it! Thank you for sharing your heart in this way!

    1. My heart is so humbled. Thank you so much. I really pray it is a blessing to you!